"Brian Eaton is a versatile one man show. "
— Tim Lamping, 105.5FM The Kat
"Eaton is a multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist with multi-tasking abilities."
Kelley Simms, Illinois Entertainer
"Way Cool. I'm a fan."
 Rob Prichard, Radio Free Brooklyn
"Hard Bent...A harrowing collection of ten songs..."
Tim Whale, Emerging Indie Bands
"I applaud Brian for his vast talent."
Nina McCarthy, Boston Rock Radio


"Drums are my first love and Allegra Drums are simply the BEST! I've recorded and played on many top-of-the-line kits, but Allegra is a cut above...versatile, unique, superb."

"I 'm not a star. I'm just backing up the cats."   — Jaco Pastorius
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