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"A harrowing collection of ten songs...the music has an alluring attraction in which the listener becomes fully engrossed..." —Emerging Indie Bands

Eaton's bombastic, politically-charged sophomore release, a concept album about the Vietnam War, is reminiscent of his origins with his hard-hitting alternative/industrial metal band, North. Featuring 'Bright Ambitious Lie,' 'Defenseless' & 'PTSD.'

Hard Bent blends industrial, metal, alternative, electronic, acoustic rock and even soundtrack elements into its war-torn soundscape. And It tells the story of the human toll of America's ugliest war through the eyes of a jaded combat medic: a toll measured in lives ruined and destroyed (physically and psychologically). The album follows the vet still grieving decades after living with the trauma of war: through the sheer anger, fear, indifference, depression, insanity, guilt and, perhaps, possible redemption from the madness of it all. He relives the battles fought, the friends lost, families torn apart, and a country manipulated by self-serving politicians. "But dying is easy," he reports in the opening track, 'Breaking Squelch,' "living with the trauma, that made me hard bent..."

Brian Eaton - vocals, guitars, keyboards, zither, drums/percussion

Produced & Engineered by Brian Eaton

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Brian Eaton at Eatin' Records, Portland, OR 

All Music & Lyrics written by Brian Eaton and published by BSE Music (ASCAP)

Album artwork & design by Brian Eaton

Additional booklet photos by Alma Eaton, historical war photos courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration

Thanks to all my family, friends, and fans for their continued support.

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